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Double your Shopify store’s revenue with Cube InfoTech!

At Cube InfoTech we assist you with the launch of your website and provide unique and effective shopping experiences that are appealing to your customers. There are over 8,20,000 merchants who use Shopify accounts. If you want your online store to stand out, you need to create an unique experience for your customers.

Why should you hire Cube InfoTech?

As a merchant, Shopify has definitely given you a platform to interact with your customers. Usually, as a merchant trying to go online in this digitized world, you need to take care of umpteen aspects of the business. Starting from setting up a fully functioning website to the integration of APIs, partnering with payment getaways, and choosing a safe and secure shipping method for delivery of tangible products, the business owner has to take care of a lot.

shopify web development

Store setup and configuration

Are you looking to set up a reliable configuration to run your online store that is quick and easy to use? Cube Infotech provides a combination of robust technology that provides consistent shopping experiences across devices.
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Theme design and customization

Modify colors or change the language strings, all of this and more with Shopify customization. Adding a product line or a different category of services can be done with ease and expertise by Cube Infotech.
shopify web development

Shopify Integration

Integrate social media applications to ease the ERP and CRM functions in multi-folds. Cube Infotech has tried and tested ways to spike your sales by managing CRM integrations and adding extra functionalities.
shopify website development company in austin

Shopify SEO

As such, Shopify comes with enriched SEO features, to maximize your ROI, a solid SEO strategy is needed. With Cubeinfotech's SEO know-how, you can leverage the knowledge banks of SEO scientists and rank better across search engines.
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Shopify Migration

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is one of the strategic decisions. Cube Infotech provides exclusive - replication and Shopify migration services, thus ensuring your migration is smooth and hassle-free.
shopify website development company in austin

Shopify App Development

If there is something that you need your Shopify store to do outside the parameters, we can help you by creating a Shopify app with bespoke functionality. We specialize in apps that render and integrate custom features into Shopify stores.
shopify website development in austin

Shopify Plus Development

Gain speed on your online platform with Shopify services by Cube Infotech. We provide affordable and quick e-commerce store setups for startups or established businesses. You can customize to your convenience with Shopify Plus.
shopify website development

Shopify Maintenance, and Support

Cube Infotech's maintenance and support services ensure your Shopify store is fully optimized and updated on its versions. Also, we maintain the smooth running of the website by providing the needful support.
shopify web development

Product Categorization service by Cube InfoTech

Any e-commerce store needs to classify its products in the right categories for easier navigation by the customers. Over 99% of users don’t usually buy on their first visit to the online store. They compare the prices and then choose the website where the price is reasonable and the usage of the website smooth and convenient.

If you think from a customer perspective, you will understand how frustrating it is to look for a specific product on a website that has inaccurate product classification. The customers don’t end up getting the product and thus are left unsatisfied. To avoid this, product categorization is a must for all e-commerce business owners.

It basically classifies different products into different categories depending on their shape, size, type, etc. The process, in theory, does sound very simple but with the increasing magnitude of products being offered by e-commerce stores, it is quite difficult to manually categorize the products. One needs to make sure the product taxonomy is maintained in order to increase its searchability for the customer.

We at Cube InfoTech understand how difficult it can be to categorize your products accurately to ensure a higher number of conversions. If performed inaccurately, it can leave businesses with low conversion rates.

shopify ecommerce development

Product categorization has threefold benefits to the business owners

Relevant search results: If a product is properly placed and organized according to the GPT (Google Product Taxonomy) on your website, it becomes quite easy for the user to find the product. It makes your search engine more accurate and leads to better first impressions.

Overall user experience: Accurate product categorization and easy navigation of the website helps the customer to consider your store for purchase.

Rank higher in SERPs: A proper product categorization of your products helps the search engine to index your products in a better way resulting in a higher ranking for your website. One needs to note that any user will search for products on Google first rather than your website. Thus, a high ranking in SERPs is a boon.

shopify website development company in austin

Given the benefits of product categorization, one also needs to understand that such classification of products is a difficult task due to the scale and complexity of the process. Long gone are the manual ways to classify products. The automated systems are in place. But unfortunately, they also require a little extra background knowledge for merchants to make use of the same. In such a case, you should consider outsourcing this time taking task to a company like Cube InfoTech which has years of experience in helping businesses develop their Shopify websites for higher conversion rates.

Product Listing

What includes a perfect product listing?

To make sure your product is viewed and purchased by potential customers, you need to list your products on the Shopify platform. The listing is similar to posting an ad online for more buyers. A merchant will usually make a normal listing and post it online. Amidst the millions of product listings, only a unique and well-thought listing would stand out to attract potential customers. Cube InfoTech works on the same.

  • Visually appealing: A product listing needs to appeal to the user. One can make their listing visually appealing by incorporating high-quality pictures of the product. The fonts used to write the text also play a major role in attracting customers.
  • Usage of right keywords: If your product listing makes use of the right keywords which are of high volume, less complex, and highly relevant to your product, the listing can appear more and help in conversions.
  • Appealing ad copy or product description: When you are writing the product description, you need to apply your copywriting skills to put together an appealing ad copy. Merely writing about the specifications won’t get you the conversion, you need to add some emotional or motivational appeal to the same.
  • The shipping and product’s price: It all comes down to if the customer is getting value for money or not. If you have reasonably priced the product while keeping in mind your profit margin, the customer will be motivated to purchase the product.
shopify website development in austin

Preparing and putting together a product listing can be a complex task if as a merchant you have no background understanding of the same. Also, it is too important a task to be performed without prior knowledge. Cube InfoTech is one of the best companies for outsourcing the job of product listing and other Shopify solutions. We provide assistance with setting up your website in accordance with your business, categorize your products, put together appealing product listings, and post-listing monitor the growth of your business online. By outsourcing these tasks, you can choose to spend more time in deciding on products to be sold and other business operations.

Guide to use Shopify

A Shopify account is a one-stop solution to all your merchant needs. If you finally want to be a part of the digitized online world as a business owner, you can avail services of Shopify to help you through this journey. Starting an independent online store involves a plethora of formalities including securing a domain name, getting a host, managing payment options and deciding on the shipment process. Shopify and Cube InfoTech both understand the same. Thus as a merchant of any scale of business, you can trust Shopify to sell your products.

To set up a Shopify account, you can take the help of the following brief guide:

  • Sign up and set the online store
  • Choose a theme and readymade layout or customize the same
  • Add your products and add them to relevant groups
  • Choosing the right payment gateway option for your business
  • Make your website live
  • Choose shipping and taxes options
  • Choose a domain name

The above given steps are carefully designed and executed by Cube InfoTech. These steps will help you in setting up a Shopify account that is well maintained. We understand setting up the online store can be a bit of a task. We at Cube InfoTech take everything into consideration and choose an attractive theme or customise it to look catchy. The products chosen will be filtered into categories for easy access and better search optimization. Choosing the right payment gateway is one of the most important steps while setting up your Shopify account. We make sure there are no compromises made on that part. All the website related operations like choosing the right domain name, making it go live, managing shipping and tax related options, everything comes under the umbrella of Shopify services Cube InfoTech offers.

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