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Revamping a Website

The virtual sector has become an important part of our lives today! The intuitive apps and websites have simplified our day-to-day activities. So, do you think there is survival of a business without a robust website? Absolutely not! In this online world, websites are the heart and soul of businesses! They represent your products, services, vision, and power your brand as a whole. The fact is that around 75% of people, base the website credibility based on the website design. Yes, that’s true! However, simply building a fully functional website one time won’t be enough in this competitive era. You need to keep updating your website from time to time. Period!

This post is specifically created to clear the air about strategy for redesigning a website. Here we’ll be discussing all you need to know about website design services and how they can affect your brand as a whole. Let’s dig into the details.

While many of you think that website revamp is all about design overhaul, it’s actually more than this. The process of website redesign involves several aspects that need to be considered. Your business goals determine the scale of the website redesigning. For example – if you’re making a simple branding change, then a little change in designing aspects like – photos and change in colors palette would be enough. However, if you’re revamping the whole marketing strategy, then you need to go for some major website changes! Wondering what’re all those changes we’re talking about? Let’s talk in detail.

What Is Website Redesigning?

Redesigning Website Process

Website redesigning is basically an overhaul that involves changing several elements such as – content, code, structure, visuals, and other elements to attract more visitors. Having a great website boosts your brand’s credibility, helps in generating more revenue and enhances the overall user experience (UX).

What Is The Need For Redesigning a Website?

Things to Consider When Redesigning a Website
This is a common question that we’re discussing – what’s the need for redesigning a website? The online world is a competitive gamble where several brands put efforts to steal the limelight among their audiences. Surviving here is tough! So, if you want to make your business stand out, you need to keep updating your website for the best.

Here’re a few reasons why you need website redesign:

Unresponsive Issues
Having an unresponsive website is a big no-no! A responsive website means when the website can easily be accessed through any device – desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Unfortunately, several websites are unresponsive on phones and this could affect your website traffic. The responsiveness of the website can be achieved using the redesigning process.

Expansion Of Business
Congratulations! If your brand is doing brilliantly among the users, but is your website doing justice to the same? Well, the website serves as the gateway to the customers and if you’re expanding your business products and services, then your website must comply with the same. To make this efficiently work, website redesigning can be done.

Poor Conversion Rates 
Let’s be real! The main purpose of the website is to generate sales, and if the website is not doing that, then what’s the point? The more interesting your website is for a customer, the more likely they’re gonna make purchases. Having a complicated design with not enough CTAs, over-packed corporate jargon, and less aesthetic aspects can contribute to fewer conversions. Website redesigning can help overcome these problems and enhance conversion rates.

Changing Market Trends
This one is important! The market trends keep on evolving from time to time and brands need to catch up with the changing web design trends. One day there is a minimalistic design look in while other times eccentric and gaudy websites steal the show. No matter what the trend is, a website redesign is needed to cater to the changing trends.

Things You Should Know Before Website Redesign

Benefits of Resigning a Website
Planning to hire a website design company for redesigning a website? Wait! Here’re a few things that you must consider before getting a website redesign.

Who Is Visiting Your Website?
Now, before you begin the website revamp procedure, there are a few things you must look at. To begin with, identifying the most valuable pages of your website. Once you find out these pages then you should know why these pages are visited often. Well, everyone has a different reason for visiting a web page, and while redesigning the website you should understand the intent that leads them there. One great way to do this is by creating customer personas that are the representation of your ideal customers. This is based on psychographic and real demographic data. Such data gives great clarity of user intent.

Why Is It Important?
Well, personas give you a clear and wider picture of whom you’re redesigning your website for. Don’t always focus on converting your visitors into prospective buyers, as some only visit a website to seek contact or other information. So, don’t impose your brand on them!

How will you do this?
If you haven’t created any personas before, then all you can do is to start placing surveys on your website pages, these can help to drive useful data directly from the customers and give you clarity of thoughts!

Which Are Your Most Valuable Pages?
Website redesign is not an easy process. You cannot simply dive into random directions and start knocking walls without any double-check! For website redesigning you need to have a clear plan for your whole website pages. You need to analyze which pages require rework, which pages require work from the scratch, and which can be torn down from the website.

To analyze the most valuable pages, you need to dig down the relationship between the conversions and the traffic.
High traffic with high conversion pages: These pages are the assets of your website. Any mistake in this section results in unfavorable circumstances. So, these pages need to be your priority list and you must experiment with things with 100% more caution while redesigning as it can adversely affect your overall rankings.

Low traffic and high conversion pages: While the traffic is good on these pages, they lead to high conversions. So, while redesigning these pages, you need to take a defined approach, so it doesn’t break the things that are already giving favorable results.

High traffic with low conversion pages:  Although traffic is on a higher side on these pages, yet there are low conversions. When you plan out the website redesign then keep in mind that your experimentation should improve the conversions.

Low traffic with low conversions pages: These pages aren’t driving good traffic, as well as conversion rate. So, you can experiment as much as you want and find new ways to get the best out of it.

Why Is It Important?
This step is really crucial! It helps to identify which pages need to be handled with care so that it doesn’t affect the current website rankings and conversions.

How will you do this?
Oh well, if you want to get a detailed insight into website traffic and conversions, then Google Analytics is the best ally. It’ll not only give you details of traffic on different web pages but also help you analyze the most valuable conversion pages.

What’s Convincing And What’s Not?
Okay! So now that you know the targeted pages and who all are reaching there, you need to think out of the box. Website redesigning is not as simple as it seems, it requires a lot of hard work. Now, the next question is to think what pages are actually convincing for the users and what’s not helping! By analyzing these things, you’ll get to understand the likes and dislikes of your customers.

Why Is It Important?
To understand which elements are working and which are not for your website, you need to establish a connection between the website performance and the customers. This’ll further help in efficiently redesigning the website.

How will you do this?
Well, the best way to find these stats is to use tools like – Heatmaps and Hotjar. These automatically record the user sessions and shows them in the form of screen recordings. You can actually analyze the user behavior and interaction on the page in a clear way.

Steps To Build A Successful Strategy for Redesigning a Website

Strategy For Redesigning a Website

The process of redesigning a website involves many things. Through proper research and planning, a website design company can help you in creating a successful website by building a strategy for redesigning a website.

Let’s check out a few steps that need to be considered for a successful website redesign strategy.

Set A Goal
Try to analyze what you want from your new site. Prepare a list of some actionable objectives such as decreasing bounce rates, web traffic, and more that you wish to achieve from a redesign process.

Create A Strategy
Now, before you begin the journey, you must create a well-researched strategy for redesigning the website. Instead of making assumptions about things, you should do some real work here! Wondering, what?

  • Audit your current website
  • Identify the elements that aren’t working well for the website.
  • Understand the user behavior
  • Think of the user’s preferences, pain points, buying habits, and more.

Create The Wireframes
Next, you need to create the wireframes that are basically the blueprint of the newly designed website to be used across multiple channels for redesigning purposes. After having a clear strategy for redesigning a website in mind, you should then move on to sketching how your website will look. For this, the experts can take usability testing for the mockup ideas and frame a rough draft for the redesigning process. The main goal here is to make a revamped strategy for every page in a simplified way and see where the elements like – images, content, conversion points, and more will be placed.

Focus On Content
Oh yes! Content is definitely counted in the process of website redesigning. The users visit a website to seek information and this is why the content should be fresh, crisp, and useful for the users. The content should be user-focused and help the user to take the desired actions.

Time To Build The Website
Once the wireframes are approved, it’s time to bring the website vision into reality. In this phase, the style, content placement, imagery, and other elements of the design are considered. This is where the actual work is done! The development team will code the design and then transform the wireframes into functional pages.

Keep Quality Above Anything
Now, before you make the big launch of the website, you need to assure that everything is fully functional. The testing team will use the best tools to test the site’s functionality and performance. They’ll analyze if the website works with all types of browsers. Are there any bugs or problems? Is the website page load speed fine? And once all the aspects are covered the website goes live.

The New Website Launch
Finally, the moment comes which you’ve have been waiting for! The website is launched live. Though it seems exciting, it’s quite a stressful time. What if things don’t go the way you imagined? What if the reactions you were expecting aren’t there? Well, if you have done the website redesigning process strategically and fully tested different aspects then trust us, everything will go well.

Post-Launch Strategy
Your work doesn’t end after the website launch! It’s just the beginning of a new phase! You gotta have a post-launch plan! This’ll include constant monitoring of the site, maintenance of the site, keeping it up-to-date, and more.

Remember, it’s not a one-time shot. Your website will be needing redesigning again in the near future.

What Is The Cost Of Website Redesign?

Website Redesigning Strategy

website redesign services. Majorly the cost depends on the project’s complexity and business requirements. As a matter of fact, the website’s less complicated functionalities will cost less than the ones that’ll have more functionalities.

To get a clear insight of costs, you can contact a reliable web design company that can provide you with the details.

Website Redesign Strategy – Final Verdict

Do you really think your job is over once you have redesigned the website? If that’s a yes then you’re probably wrong! The browser technologies, customer preferences, accessibility standards, and design practices keep on evolving. What’s working today might not give favorable results in the future! So, you need to buck up yourselves and keep evolving the website with the ever-changing trends.

We hope this post will help you gather useful information on website redesigning strategy. If you’re seeking some expert help, then contact our experts for free consultation.

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