Web Design Trends For 2023

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Website design trends for 2023

2022 had been a tough year for businesses. Even the big companies like Meta and Twitter couldn’t keep their employees due to cost cutting. One thing that we learnt in 2022 was that small businesses still can do well in the market even if there are old and famous brands already.

In past months, many businesses introduced their social media handles and websites as they tried to mold their operations according to the current scenarios. Small and medium business owners launched their social media handles on Instagram to reach out to a bigger audience, large business owners launched their websites to put up their portfolios online, making them accessible to a large audience.

With this sudden change, there was an increase in the demand for Toronto web design company and social media marketing company in Pickering. This further increased the demand for better web designs and web designing trends to help a business stand out. People started looking out for more interesting and innovative ideas for their website designs to attract more consumers. But what is web designing? What are the different ways it can be done? And what are different types of web designing trends for 2023?

What is Web Design and what are the different types of web design?

Designing is the process of curating and combining different types of ideas and implementing them to form a functional model. Web designing focuses on the field of designing a website for a particular business where we focus on the website layout, website structure, the user interface and navigation process of the website, choice of colors, fonts, image gallery, responsive tabs, etc.

The different types of web design layouts are:

Static Page Layout:

This type of page layout has a fixed width for the website and it does not change on different browsers. The advantage of a static layout is that it is light on code and loads faster than other more complex websites.

Dynamic Website Layout:

This type of page layout can be simple or complex depending on the need of the customer. Dynamic websites such as JavaScript, .net, .php, open source etc. can be created.

Fixed Design Layout: 

As the name suggests, a fixed design layout has a fixed width and the content within that design also has a fixed width. In case, the browser screen is changed or reduced, the alignment of the images and text may change on the screen.

Responsive Web Design Layout:

With this layout, the website is made accessible on all sorts of browsers and devices making it easier for the user to read and navigate on them. A responsive layout responds to the needs of the user and according to the devices they are working on. To add this to a website, the developer has to use the meta viewport value which would allow the page to interact with the device and allow the page to match the screen’s width in device independent pixels.

Single Page Layout Design:

Single page websites are trending and popular as these help in conveying the message to the user in just a few quick scrolls. They are compatible with all sorts of internet browsers and work well with the devices in which scrolling is the main form of navigation. If you want to collaborate with vendor for web designing process, don’t forget to share your business goals and expectations towards the website.

Here are some Web Design Trends for 2023

Dark Mode

For a long time, many big brands like Apple and Hublot have been using a dark tone on their website to display their new and upcoming products. The dark mode on a website has helped the web designer to play with more elements like adding more pastel and neon colors which makes the website more attractive as compared to a normal white background. Black is a color that has been a symbol of class and elegance, and the dark mode brings an elegant touch to the website.

Parallax Animation

The optical illusion formed when an object is closer to the viewer appears to move faster than the ones that are farther away is known as Parallax. This is a web design format based on animations that separate the foreground and background of the webpage. This effect makes the computer screen look like a theatre stage, and this draws the attention of the user who is navigating the web page.

3D Visuals

With the improvement in the screens of our devices, the web design layout has also moved up a notch as more and more designers are opting for responsive web designs and interactive designs. One such layout is using 3D visuals for the website or product description on the pages. The layouts are minimalist but they have a much greater impact on the viewers.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

Many car manufacturing firms like Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Jeep, and others have introduced the 360-degree viewing facility on their websites. For eg. Jeep uses the AR technology on their website to allow the users to configure and customize the car on their own from color to wheel type to accessories, and then it gives them an estimated price of the vehicle. This has helped the customers to get a better understanding of the final product which helps in the final buying process.

Abstract Art Compositions

Abstract art is one of the design trends that has caught up in the field of web design. The abstract art is taking place in the stock photographs as the bright and vibrant colors feel energetic and pleasing to the eye of the user.

Website designing for awareness

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses hired web designers to create websites to keep their business afloat. Many brands working towards the promotion of sustainable living, and environmental protection focused on building websites around their motives.

Anti-design/Raw Web Design

Just like abstract art, anti-design is another raw and unapologetic form of a design movement that has made asymmetrical layouts, exaggeration, distortion, and other ‘traditionally ugly’ elements normal. This gives the website a ‘stand out of the crowd’ element making it attractive.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic design is the bread and butter for every web designer as this design focuses more on essential elements such as basic shapes, texts and empty spaces. The aim of a minimalistic design for a website is to reduce the visual styling and increase the usability and functionality of the website.

Illustration based web design

Illustrations are another form of design that has picked up pace since 2022. The motive behind using illustrations is that it gives the website a crafty, and homely personal touch. Brands and illustrators have started focusing on diversity and representation in their website designs by featuring quirky people and elements of shapes and sizes. Many illustrators and web designers have taken up the responsibility to fix the wrong beauty standards set by society and redefine the definition.

WordPress websites and Template Kits

Over the years, web page builders and template providing websites have increased in popularity. Website builders such as WordPress help beginner and less tech-savvy individual can also build a professional website for themselves or their business using these platforms. The page builders are code-free and flexible platforms that offer a huge variety of customizations for users who have no knowledge of coding or designing.

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