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Big Blue Trunk brings the joy of colourful living and creativity to every home with it’s range of exclusive Do-It-Yourself and Home Decor brands. Started in 2018, Big Blue Trunk is the exclusive stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, Saltwash and Iron Orchid Designs in Singapore.


From the moment we met in 2017 we connected about everything that has to do with hair care — from the beauty secrets we had learned from our moms and grandmothers to the good-for-you ingredients that we use. like Latinas, we had grown up in our gardens. We created Eva + Avo because we believe that all women deserve nourishing hair products made with natural ingredients, a little of that Latin magic, and a lot of love.


Here at Authority Hunting we take pride in our work. We do our very best to provide quality products to our customers.

Feel free to leave us feedback about your purchase. We love hearing back from our satisfied customers and building long term relationships with them.


I’ve always had an active lifestyle, worked in the business world, and I’m a busy mother of four. When it came to leggings, it felt like I had tried them all, but none were the right fit for me. I knew I wasn’t the only woman with this problem and figured if I wanted something comfortable, functional and flattering, I would have to create them. So I did. From a stretch pad in 2017 to thousands of happy customers later, FitPink was born.


Our incredible journey from Texas to New Hampshire!

The idea of Novadab came from Andy Malhotra in 2015. The name of Novadab came from Andy’s desire to bring a touch of star sparkle to our jewelry and create joy for our customers. Novadab brought a new dimension to the fashion marketplace and made the finest fashion jewelry available to many with just one click.


Glorical is your online home decoration shop that focuses on panel wall art. Our name comes from the word “glory,” a word that reflects beauty, elegance and charm. That’s what we want your visitors to think whenever they step inside your space. Our mission is to make all the spaces in your home or office come alive and look glorious.


BABS Hair & Beauty, LLC™ is your premier one-stop hair and beauty marketplace. Designed with our customers in mind, we aim to deliver an unparalleled retail experience. Our carefully curated inventory is updated regularly with the latest styles as well as the time tested beauty staples.

We feature a variety of hair and skin care products, accessories, styling tools, as well as human and synthetic weaves, wigs and braiding hair. With great customer support, product versatility and professionalism; our company delivers an unparalleled retail experience.


Growing up, I loved the allure of IKEA – the endless possibilities of hacking a simple piece of furniture into something unique that could reflect my personality. But although I had alot of ideas, I was short on expertise and a platform on which to share my designs.


Are you excited to know about Maelle C Chery, founder of SimplyMaelle?

SimplyMaelle is what everyone looks up today as an ‘Online Fashion Jewel Brand,’ which is a story of a Caribbean girl from Haiti who moved to the U.S. in 2007 as an immigrant with several dreams. Moving to the U.S. was not an easy decision for her.


Over the past 20-years, company president, award-winning nutritional researcher, and bestselling author, Brad King has formulated dozens of health products for North America’s largest supplement companies. But something didn’t feel quite right. Regardless of how many ‘natural’ ingredients he worked with, there was always a synthetic component needed to bring levels of nutrients to ‘acceptable market levels.’


Here at Weyland, brain health and nutrition is our business. In fact, it’s fair to say it has turned into somewhat of an obsession.


Here at Ecom Tide, we provide winning products to our customers. Each product is hand picked by our top team members who have worked with hundreds of successful products on dozens of successful stores. Our membership provides exclusive access to each winning product with done for you product descriptions, Ad copy, and even a custom created video.


Since the incarnation of gyms in the modern world the look and culture has never changed. Repetitive in design with no character and presented with the obvious equipment; white walls and fluorescent lighting. The time has finally arrived for the “King Beats” fitness gym concept to change this entire experience.


Browse incredibly unique t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs! We have fun meme shirts for everyone, from infants to adults.


Join Epic Adventures and keep updated with incredible adventure stories, new gear releases, travel advice, and gear reviews. Plus you’ll earn 500 points towards your next order!


Lucy has had a successful 15 year holistic practise seeing patients from infants to elderly for a variety of health conditions. Her practise includes Homeopathy, Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Allergy Intolerance treatments. As well has a specialty certification as a C.E.A.S.E Therapist. Working with children and their complications of Autism Spectrum disorders.


Kim spent twenty years working at leading eyewear firms in design and production. She saw first-hand the fit issues suffered by people of all backgrounds and how big corporates ignored these consumers.


Mr. Fab is a USA based brand. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality products for hair care, to used by anyone irrespective of age, gender and complexion. Our products are 100% natural and easy for you. We spent more than 5 years in developing the best fiber for human hair.

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