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Are you being recently haunted by questions like:

“My website ranks low in search.”

“The website is not compatible with new browsers.”

“Is my website outdated?”

Or, does your website face any of these issues?
● Hard to navigate.
● Not mobile-friendly.
● Not responsive to every device.
● Takes too long to load.
● Isn’t getting enough leads and converting visitors.

Is it time to redesign and update my website?
Maybe, yes.

But how much change does your website need?
It is not that one needs a website overhaul each time. Sometimes, a website needs just a few tweaks. And, at other times some websites need to go for a complete redesign.

Let’s see how to identify and decide whether a website needs just a revamp or a complete redesign.

In this article we put forward 3 reasons why one must go for a mobile responsive website.

Aren’t Revamping and Redesigning a Website Same?

Somewhat. Just like the words “trim” and “shave”, a website revamp and website redesign differs in the extent of changes a website goes through.

Website Revamp

A website revamp is making small changes and is a gradual process. In other words, when one revamps a business website, one restyles and refurbishes the website.

Lady Removing Old Paint From Wooden Chair Through Sanding
For instance, an apparel store who wants to refresh its website look as per the changing seasons like autumn, spring, summer, and winter.

Or, one wants to add more zeal during special occasions like Independence Day, Black Friday, or Holidays to boost sales during festivities. In order to do so, the website may refresh or revamp changes in images, products, font style, color palette, visual elements, etc. just to match the season vibes.

Man checking couch design on paper while holding a piece of couch cloth

In short, a home page redesign, product page revamp, landing page redesign, content updation, or adding a new technology (which doesn’t need major changes to the website), etc. all usually account for redoing a website.

But in case a website doesn’t perform well or is outdated, it mostly needs a complete makeover.

(Please consult an E-commerce website design company to know the extent of changes your website needs to achieve its goals and to stand amid competition).

Website Redesign

Website design redesign is when a website needs an overall facelift. Whether it’s in the form of integrating new technologies at the backend of the website for better functionality, user experience and usability and UX website redesign or it is complete site redesign, or rebranding as per business goals, is considered a redesign.

The process is elaborate including analytical processes like website analysis, SEO audit, WebPage test, PageSpeed, Mobile Responsiveness, etc. before planning and making the complete change happen.

Due to this reason, the cost of website redesigns is usually high. But on the other hand, it is extremely rewarding. Here is a roadmap of website redesign project plan that will help you understand the intensity and depth of a website redesign.

How To Know It’s Time For a Website Redesign

Go through these 5 reasons one needs to have for redesigning a website.

1. Slow to Load Webpages

Google declares Sitespeed as an important ranking factor. If the website faces slow loading issues, visitors may get fed up and leave for a better alternative.

The reasons could range from a variety of reasons. For instance,
● Unoptimized Images
● Too many Plugins
● Unclean codes
● Poor Server Performance
● Inadequate Caching
● Website’s inability to handle high-traffic
● Outdated CMS
● Too many ads
● Lack of a CDN network

2. Technical Issues That Jostle the Business

● Poor User interface
● Functionality and usability problems
● Scalability issues
● Website Architecture issues
Missing / Non-Optimized Meta Descriptions
● No Structured Data
● Security breaches
● Weak security

In order to ascertain the extent of changes needed and the price of a website redesign, consulting a website redesign expert or agency proves beneficial.

3. High Bounce Rate That Is Increasing Lately

Websites with more than 40% bounce rates or “single-page sessions on a site” lead to lower lead generation and correspondingly fewer conversions.

Reasons for high bounce rates could be many.
● Poor navigation
● Slow loading sites
● Outdated or low-quality content
● Irregular content layout
● Bad links
● Technical errors
● Misplaced CTA
● Broken links

4. Low Leads & Conversions Crippling the Business

With a high number of competitors, your target audience has a lot of other options other than your business. Moreover, following some of these practices save you from an expensive website redesign and maybe can even help you reduce the chances of a redesign.

Because of this, an old-fashioned website or one that fails to deliver like it’s counterparts are soon sidelined.

Issues include (but are not limited to);
Unresponsive and not a mobile-friendly site
● Bad user experience
● Targeting the wrong audience
● Low-quality copywriting
● Overwhelming customers with too many choices
● Poor brand awareness
● Badly structured product pages

Thereby, leading to
● Lower web traffic
● Lesser lead generation and subsequently,
● Low conversion rate

5. A Long Overdue Website Update and Maintenance

Businesses that run on outdated, un-updated, and old sites suffer badly on Search engine rankings (SEO). Not only that, websites that forego updates and changes periodically, face technical and functional issues apart from low performance in lead generation.

In case a website has not been overhauled / refined / improved for more than two years, there are high chances that the website desperately needs a restyle or refresh depending on its state and the site’s business goals.

A Simple Trick To Find If It’s Time For A Website Redesign

Max, our web designer at Cube InfoTech, a web design company in Toronto, Canada, recommends answering some questions to zero-in on what your website needs.
● First, what is the purpose of your website?
● Second, when was the last time your website was updated?
● Third, do you need changes in your business’s branding?
● Fourth, is the website achieving its target in lead generation, search engine ranking and sales?

Final Note

A website may not always need a complete overhaul. It may just need to work on one or two of its aspects. You can either prefer an E-commerce website design company or digital marketing company in Mississauga to determine what those changes will be thorough website analysis. Hence, if it ever feels that your website isn’t doing what it was made for, get in touch for reliable and affordable web design solutions.

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