Promote your Shopify Store while sleeping!

There are two kinds of people on Shopify right now, the ones that are happy with the sales they are getting and the others that aren’t happy with how their shop is performing. In both of these cases, you need to learn new things to increase your revenue and for the others how to start selling and be happy with your sales. So this article is for both the categories of owners of Shopify. Product marketing isn’t something that you can just get in and start selling, it needs a good plan that should cover all the ins and outs of it to sell successfully to the buyers. To increase the traffic on your website you need to get that word out in the public, to do so content marketing is a great idea but another great idea is- social media. Using social media tools you get to decide what kind of people should see your advertisement and hence the chances of that person seeing your ad becoming your potential buyer become higher. Make your Shopify website with web design company New York

Today we are going to discuss some of the strategies that you can implement on your social media to get that traffic flowing on your website build by web design and development company new york.

1. Mesmerizing Videos

Creating posters and banners is a good way of advertising indeed but nobody can debate the effectiveness of video ads. Videos leave a mark on the people that leaves them into thinking about the video and about the product in it for a long while after the video is over. The key to getting this effect is to create good quality videos that are quirky and have the ability to engage your audience. The videos that you create need not be minutes long, you can start off by making a clip of a few seconds and see how it performs and as you see the results you can learn from it and post other videos accordingly.

2. Being active on Social Media

A good advertising campaign is aimed at educating your audience about your product and your company. We have evidently seen Apple and OnePlus having people going crazy about their new products. The thing is that these companies didn’t achieve this interest of people in a day, it took them a lot of time to do it and their marketing plan is that they layout small bedrocks steadily so they can finally move higher and achieve the goal that they desire. This is something that even you should do, first of being active on social media is important, then educating people about your services and products is the next task and finally while doing this you will have all the attention that you need and when you launch a product you will definitely get the traffic you desire.

3. Sell on Instagram

Instagram recently came up with their platform that allows you to do business there as well, do not forget to utilize all the channels that are available in front of you.

4. Facebook Shop

Facebook is the place where the most numbers of people are active each day. If you weren’t aware of the fact that Facebook also allows you to run a shop on its website now you do and it is time to hit this channel as well and utilize the traffic that this site already gets and just drive them to your website.

We hope that the above strategies result in giving you the best results and it is often recommended getting professional help to do all this work and guide you through this, in case you decide to seek for professional help do consider us as your number one option and we promise to not let your efforts go in vain.


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