Installing WordPress on your Shopify and BigCommerce

Getting traffic for your website can be a really tedious task in the early days of your launch. It is always advised to build an audience first and then putting in efforts to design your website and other things.with the support of website development company austin What will be the result if you just keep on developing a stunning website for months and finally when you launch it, it has no visitors! The answer to this is quite simple, you do not have an audience first that is eager to know about you and that is just waiting to grab the products that you are selling.

A blog certainly is the best way to get that word rolling out in the market. It helps people understand your niche and increase your engagement. It also allows you to reach people that are around you that can help you grow your business, reaching millions of people that are your potential customers and also to help you to set a position of authority.

Today we’ll be busting a myth that most people have about blogging and answer the question where should the blog be hosted- as a subdomain or as a subdirectory.

If you do not know what a subdomain is it is simply where you see your blog as ‘’ and in the case of subdirectory it is ‘’

Having a subdomain blog doesn’t do anything to help your root or the main domain. Google search engine treats a subdomain as a completely different entity. While from the point of view of SEO, it is advised to install the blog in a subdirectory but it isn’t allowed in Shopify or BigCommerce.

So we recommend installing the WordPress blog as a subdomain here’s why:

WordPress is flexible and filled with all the features.

In WordPress, there are plugins for everything anyone can imagine, here are some of the plugins that you can install on your website with website design company san Francisco :

  • Collecting E-Mails
  • Contact Form specially customized for you
  • Creating a membership site for your store and many more!

Shopify and BigCommerce are good yet primitive since if you have your e-commerce site on their website then it becomes beneficial for you to have your blog on their website only since moving from one domain to another can reduce the retention of the audience.

Let us set-up a blog for your website now:

1. Sign Up For Webhosting

 Select A Plan that is fit for you

 Type In Your Domain if you have an existing domain, type in the exact same domain.

 Fill up the billing information and chose the duration of the services as per your need.

2. Create A Subdomain For Your Blog

 Click On The “Domains” Button

 Search and Click On The “Subdomains” Button

 Add A Blog Subdomain say “”

 Grab The Subdomain IP Address you’ll need it.

3. Install WordPress On Your Subdomain

 Navigate and Select “Add A New Site” from the control panel of your hosting provider

 Enter a good name for your blog

 Select it as a subdomain and Voila!

You have successfully completed setting up WordPress on your website with the help of wordpress development company new york for your blog. Get in there and reach newer limits! If you just want someone to take care of all these things technicalities and help you with new strategies feel free to get in touch with us!

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