How the page speed of your website affects the SEO

While link building, content marketing, and keyword research are the pillars of SEO strategy, but the speed of the website page also plays an important role in the SEO campaigns. Also, it is a major part of Google ranking since 2009. Nowadays Google is focusing on user-experience that includes website page speed to rank the pages on SERP. Hence, the speed of the page needs to be website development company Austin‘s topmost priority. 

Let’s peep into effective ways to improve the page speed of your business website.

1.Enable Compression

For file compression, most of the website development services Chicago uses Gzip. With the help of this software, you can reduce the size of the HTML, JavaScript, and CCS files with the size of more than 150 bytes. However, we won’t advise you to use this software as it impacts the overall quality of the image. Our professional website developers take the help of professional graphics tools like Photoshop to reduce the size of the image retaining the quality. Your page speed can be improved by 90% after compressing the images on the website.

2.Diagnose the code

Many times, you just overlook the simplest error in your code. This can include commas, removing spaces, and other unwanted characters. Code optimization by the expert website design and development company new york can impact the speed of your website a lot. Also, check the code formatting and comments. Use tools recommended by Google like UglifyJS and CSSNano, as these tools help in identifying and fixing broken codes in your website backend.

3.Reduce Redirects

The another factor that harms the speed of your website is the number of redirects your website has. According to the website development services Chicago, when your website page redirects to another page it takes additional loading time to the HTTP server harming the speed. 

4.Optimize Server Response Time 

There are a lot of things that need to keep in mind when optimizing the time of your server. An in-depth website audit is the best way to find out all the website roadblocks. The main problems you can encounter in your server optimization is lack of memory space and broken database queries. The 

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