How can your web design be a game changer!

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We all respond based on the things that are in front of us. Visuals are something that attracts anyone and this is something that you should keep in your mind while finalizing the design for your website. A customer makes a complete judgment of your website based on what he/she sees on the website. Naturally, a website with poor design will obviously lead to people into thinking negative things about your business.

Let’s get into this topic by stating facts that will prove to be an eye-opener for you.

1. People make judgments about your credibility based on your website design itself!

2. 50 Milliseconds, is the time that is taken by the users to make initial remarks about your website.

3. Nearly 38% of people stop interacting if your layout is unattractive!

Well, now let’s see what do you actually mean by good design?

Studies prove that all the people having different preferences in design, there are several constants as well. Everyone is attracted to a good design and certainly by implementing designs that are appealing to a good number of people gets your job done. Using standard colors, shapes, sizes is something that you should focus on. These standard elements help you to create a sort of language which allows you to communicate with your visitors visually.

There are two branches of design, good design, and bad design. Most of the people are not skilled enough to communicate in this visual language, specialized web designers are trained and capable enough to do this job for you. So, hiring a good web design company is a type of investment rather than expense or overhead. They can help you to communicate with your visitors visually and hence help you achieve that loyal customer base that you’ve been striving for.

But Why Do I Need A Good Web Design?


Usability is the term that defines whether the people are getting the results that they were planning to find in the first place. A study recently revealed that your visitors are broken down into these categories:

i. 86% visit you for knowing about your services and products.

ii. 52%‌ want to learn more about your business.

iii. 65% want to get in touch with you.

Now you need to ask yourself whether you are providing all this information through your design or not.


Navigation holds the key to taking people around your website. Keeping simple navigation is the key to good navigation. Confusing your visitor with complex routes to get to a certain page can lead to an increase in the bounce rate of your website. It is always advised to keep the number of navigation tabs less than seven by hiring web design and development company


Your design needs to be in such a way that you can subconsciously tell the user where you want them to look and explore. Highlighting your offers and discounts is a good way of converting a visitor to a customer. Using a good number of calls to action is something that you may also want to focus upon.

If you are seeking to get your web design game on point, then take advantage of our web design services and web development services. Get in touch with the best web design agency out there in the market. You won’t be left unsatisfied!

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