How can blogging on Shopify help you!

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Roughly, there are more than 2.8 million blogs that are written every single day. That is indeed a huge number and we all are likely to get trapped in between so much content. Amidst all this standing out of the crowd and still driving traffic and generating sales for your business is a tedious task. Most of the people do not know that you can start a blog on Shopify as well! And blogging is one of the best ways of marketing and connecting with your audience. Create your Shopify website with the help of Shopify web design and development company.

WordPress and other such platforms are easy to use for blogging but these aren’t much interactive with Shopify. So it isn’t a recommended practice to promote somewhere else and sell somewhere other as it can result in decreasing the traffic that you currently are holding up.

Let us dig in and find out how the blogging on Shopify works and what all things it has to offer.

Basics of Blogging with Shopify

Shopify website made by web development company provides you with most of the things embedded into it directly and provides you most of the services that you need. Some of the perks are: it is free of cost, easy and really quick to get started with. It also provides you with facilities like adding pictures and videos. It also has the functionality of having automatic SEO for titles as well as the description. You can schedule your posts, comment on them, and also include tags with them.

The Benefit of using the Shopify blog for your store

Well, it has a couple of major added benefits by taking the web development services because of which you can get your work done really easily, one of them is that you can have central control over the blog and as well as your store, this means that if you need to edit something, one anyone of them, you can do so from the same place! Secondly, the site and your blog have similar themes and so it makes the overall look and feel of your business cohesive and appealing. Lastly and most importantly, if you blog on Shopify itself, this can allow you to keep your readers on your store itself rather than referring them to some third party site for services that even you can provide.

Shopify has some other added benefits as well that makes blogging on the site really easy let’s take a glance at them.

a. Manage Comments

This feature allows you to manage comments on your blog posts where it can be some query which you can easily moderate and reply to.

b. Schedule your posts

The scheduling post feature on Shopify allows your blog to be published on someday special like on festive or some other occasion. You can write the blog anytime and then just schedule it, it will get posted automatically at that time.

c. Displaying Excerpts

This is like showing a highlight of the blog post that you are posted on your blog and allows a quick glance at it, it can also be viewed as a small advertisement of your blog on your e-commerce site.

Well if now you are considering getting a blog done for yourself on Shopify or some other platform you can consider getting professional help from web design agency or web design company which can take care of all the technical things without any hassle. Do check out our website and get in touch if you’d like to work with us and get that selling game on the right track.

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