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3 Fanatical Myths On Website Development You Should Ignore In 2021

Remember when the internet was not a big thing and people used to learn about any business only through word-of-mouth. The time flew away and now the web world is our go-to friend to get every type of information. Nowadays, having an online presence is quintessential to get positive results. However, with the increasing popularity of websites, there are many common myths and misconceptions about having a website. If you are struggling with questions about hiring a website development company in Austin, then we have your answers!

Whether you are an established brand that wants a makeover or a new entrepreneur who wants to launch a new site, half-baked knowledge can put your website dreams in crisis. In this myth-busting posting, we will be highlighting a few website development myths that will give you real wisdom and help you learn more about the websites. Let’s reveal the truth!

Myth 1: Having A Mobile-Optimized Website Is Not Important

web developers in AustinCan you imagine a day without your phone? Sounds daunting, isn’t it? Well, for the majority of us, surviving a day without using mobile phones is not possible. Therefore, it is quite necessary to have a website that is responsive on all cross-browsers and devices. According to Statista, there are around 269.5 million mobile internet users in the USA. The figure itself explains how important it is to consider your mobile audience. A few things you need you to understand about your site are:

  • When a user clicks on your website, they aim to get quick information. People hardly have time to enter a slow-loading website, so having a fully optimized website is a must to ensure smooth navigation.
  • If your website fails to be responsive, then the bounce rate is expected to drop in the search engine rankings.
  • When you optimize the website for mobile devices then you provide your users with a seamless user experience, thus making them stick to your site for more time.

Websites like – AliExpress and Amazon are great examples of a fully mobile-optimized site. Users tend to stay on these sites for a longer duration, simply due to the immersive experience they provide.

Myth 2: You Can Save Money By Creating A Website Yourself

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Do you think that building a website on your own will help you save money? Well if that’s a yes, then you should rethink! Your website is a professional representation of your brand. Hiring reliable web design services in Austin, TX will help you in building a robust website that will have a stronger impact on the visitors. Not just that, the professionally designed site can increase the ROI in the long term, thereby giving you lucrative results.

Here are a few reasons why you should set up a professional website rather than wasting time building it yourself.

  • When you hire dedicated web developers, they invest time in understanding your business needs and target audiences.  Accordingly, they formulate a plan and begin with their groundwork. By implementing the right strategies they will design your website by helping you reap more profits.
  • Website development is not just putting the icing on the cake. It requires a lot of hard work. Web developers have strong knowledge and understanding of the industry and are well-versed with the right tools and techniques to get desired effects. So, the results you get will always be high-end in comparison to your amateur website creation attempt.
  • Another great thing about hiring professionals is they can offer you fully integrated marketing solutions as well. This will help not only in creating a responsive website but also help in working on other activities beyond just the website creation such as – web discoverability. This is quite vital in a fully SEO-optimized world. For this, you can go for a web development company that provides you with SEO and content marketing services to boost your brand’s awareness and reach.

Myth 3: Writing Content For A Creating A Website

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We have encountered many people who don’t give weightage to content on the website. They consider it as an easy task that can easily be done through an inexpensive writer. Trust me, it is a huge mistake! Remember, when you launch a site it’s the content that helps the audiences to understand your brand and its offerings. So, how can you take it lightly? Content is the soul of a website that helps in engaging with the users, so instead of counting it last on your site development checklist, make it on the top of the list.

Read why content should be given more weightage.

  • Writing impressive content that wins over the audience requires time and hard work. Doing content writing on your own demands a good knowledge of the industry and the right mix of words. This of course is challenging if you have no knowledge of writing for the web. Apart from that, assuming that hiring a writer will help to get the things done right at once is also wrong. Writers play with the world,  but expecting an overnight miracle should not be on your list. However, with time you can expect your brand to be an online sensation.
  • With the help of content marketing, you can understand your target audience as well as the competitors in a better way. It can help you in analyzing your overall values, key features, pricing differences, and more.
  • Above all, website content should always be well-written, keyword-optimized, embedded with strong call-to-action, and value-laden. So, it should be given high-priority always!

Wrapping Up

Creating a website requires strong knowledge of industry practices and strategic thinking. If you aim to give your brand a strong market share, then ignore the myths. Instead, look at the actual facts and realities of the web development industry to put your best foot forward. Talk to a professional website development company in Austin and discuss your concerns to get a better perspective.

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