Guide to Web design and SEO design!

Having a website is important for all the businesses aiming for online success. Your website design is another element that needs to be optimized by the website developers san Francisco, to appear on the top of the SERP. SEO is the way of optimizing your website rank higher on the search engine pages. If the home of your business, which means your website won’t get visible on the top of the SERP, then your potential or existing customer won’t be able to find you online. For better results, you need to get your business website designed by the website design company san Francisco with a complete SEO strategy in place.

The design of your website also directly impacts the experience of your user that is important for good SEO practices. A website design services Austin builds the basic website structure, specific to how search engines understand and crawl the website. Hence, this will make website pages easier to get visible by search engines.

In this blog, the website developers san Francisco has listed the principles of website design and SEO that every business should incorporate in their business. This will make the website more search and user-friendly.

1.Informative architecture and website structure

One of the most important feature website design company San Francisco should incorporate is having a well-designed website structure and architecture. The architecture of your website is the foundation of your website. A clean and responsive website layout will attract the potential audience on your website and also builds great UI experience. Your SEO can get hurt because of the highest bounce rate.

2.Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Design

Mobile friendly & responsive design of the website plays a vital role when it comes to building the user experience and enticing potential customers. If your website has the capability of opening in any device and can run smoothly, then the chances of gaining leads are higher than before. 


Bad usability leads to poor user experience. Good usability of your website helps you to retain the users on your website for a longer time, resulting in the ultimate conversion, such as ordering your service or buying your products.

Factors you need to consider for building a user-friendly website:

  • Visual hierarchy
  • Page layout
  • Site navigation
  • Contact forms
  • Site search
  • Clear & consistent calls-to-action (CTAs)

4.Readable website design

Many people do not realize that the content on their business website plays an important role in building user experience. Poor web design results in a negative impression on the reader.

Some negative things website design services Austin should look on:

  • Too many hyperlinks
  • Content with blocks of content in strange places
  • Too big or small text
  • Colored text on a white or black background
  • hard-to-read font

A responsive, user-centric, and aesthetic website helps you in gaining potential audiences. Connect with Cube Infotech, the website design company San Francisco for great website experience.

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